Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Introducing obstacles!

So tonight was a blast and Jynxy was a doll! I doubt I'll be doing much jumping this year in shows, but her partboarder is and as much of a doll as she is over fences, I want to make sure she's good and safe! Also, after seeing photos from the Pine Ridge show on October - OH BOY. As I'm sure you can tell, I clearly need help:

Thankfully, Jynx is just as forgiving over fences as she is on the flat! I had my very first lesson tonight with Stephanie so I officially have two amazing coaches! Jynx warmed up by giving her partboarder Katrina a lovely lunge lesson - she could be a vaulting horse her gaits and transitions are getting so smooth!

So we chatted a bit and set up a gymnastic to start working on my severe equitation issues - clearly my clenchy shoulders and habit of STANDING instead of two pointing. Jynx was just a amazing - working on trotting into a crossrail first and then cantering out over a pole and then went to two crossrails. She's a little wiggly going to the first fence but is great over the second fence! We worked on remembering to half halt to prepare her for the first fence and again if she tried to rush to the second fence, and worked one ME remembering not to get clenchy when we don't get our striding perfect!

We ended up going from a crossrail to a 2'3" vertical so I could use myself a little more over bigger fences and work on staying in two point and not bumping her on landing which I am notorious for. Jynx was such a CHAMP. Seriously, this pony can be such a packer when she wants to be. I'm pretty sure she still likes Dressage better but she clearly enjoys jumping to and is so calm and steady. Really, I'm nitpicking at the things I'd like fixed before Katrina starts really jumping her. But it's all part of a well rounded education!

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