Monday, January 7, 2013


Great ride tonight! After seeing what I could do when I put faith in myself, I decided I would work a little on her herdboundness tonight! Ashley brought her filly Solstice in, an adorable little silver buckskin grade Quarter Horse filly coming two years old. She's a little awkward now but I have it on good authority she'll be the next Jynx! ;) Meet little miss Sol:

They were great in the aisle and then I took Jynx into the arena and of course she got a little tense but I stayed relaxed. I gave her a pat and a kiss on the nose which sounds ridiculous but for some silly reason really settles her probably because I have to be really calm to kiss her nose. I mounted up and she was great. Solstice started calling and she would tense and lift her head for each call but didn't take it further then that!

So I worked her up into trot, she continued to be fantastic. I limbered her up and then we went back to walk to work on shoulder in, travers and leg yield along the wall which she's really got at the walk now but struggles a lot at the trot. After doing so well at the walk, I pushed her up into trot and she again did shoulder in lovely in both directions, travers well but started getting very panicky at leg yield along the wall. She gets about three strides in and dies on me, panics and spins to evade. And then she panics the minute she's going towards a wall in anticipation. So we did lots of circles along the wall so she would stop anticipating and she finally gave me some nice calm strides in each direction so we ended on the wall leg yields on that note!

After that Kat took some videos for me of her leg yielding in both directions at the walk, and some sitting trot/canter and halt transitions! And then the poor girl had to give Kat a lunge lesson after that. She was so pooped! She was so good today though and even when Solstice came in the arena, I had minimal issues! Good Bella!

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  1. Love your blog! Ramble on as much as you want, I find it interesting to see how far you guys have come since I first met you only 2 years ago. Jynx has matured so much and you have become a much better rider in such a small time. Keep it up!