Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Change is in the air

I haven't updated this thing my last few rides, despite being phenomonal, as my goals and visions have changed so drastically this year and I have been trying to decide how to proceed from here. I thoroughly enjoy keeping track of both my progress and Jynxy's progress so I believe I will just re-vamp and continue on with updates from my journey through the rider levels.

For anyone lost and confused, I created this blog to track my progress with Jynx as we entered the world of sanctioned Dressage shows this year. That goal was modified from Gold Level to Bronze Level due to financial issues. That changed yet again upon the recent change in policy at my barn which results in Kali no longer being able to coach me without insurance, something a starving university student simply cannot afford. As the entire year of plans crumbled around me, somehow I found a silver lining. I have taught some beginner lessons recently and thoroughly enjoyed it. The change in barn policy made me aware of the lack of certified and insured coaches available in Manitoba. My ultimate goal with showing Dressage was the written tests you get back to improve yourself. Working through my Equine Canada Rider Levels will ultimately offer me the same guidance in my riding.

So, showing is mostly out and rider levels are in! I have also changed partboarders, and I am thoroughly hoping an amazingly talented and gifted young equestrian enjoys her trial ride/jumping lessons on Jynx tonight as it would mean she would be showing her in eventing instead! So fingers crossed that works out! I will continue bi-weekly jumping lessons with Stephanie Sawatzky who has improved both me and Jynx drastically in 3 short lessons, and I also begin as of now bi-weekly Dressage lessons with Elaine Banfield next Monday! Eeeek, so excited, she's never coached me on Jynx before!

Farewell for now Dressage ring but we shall meet again!

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