Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Re-direction FTW!

Oh boy, I've been a hardcore slacker! I'm updating about four lessons in one post here, along with updates on how Jynxy is doing with her awesome new part-boarder Brittany!

Our first lesson with Elaine was FANTASTIC. It just felt so productive and really helped me overcome a "hump" in my riding where I haven't felt excited about lessons lately. We went back to basics and addressed Jynx's very difficult habit of being SO heavy on me, to the point where I am exhausted and in pain by the end. Elaine rode her for 30 minutes and really got into her - she definitely has a huge opinion about big spurs as Elaine got the second big spur induced buck I've seen her give! It worked well though and by the end she was soft and supple. I hopped on and we worked only on halt, walk and a little bit of trot and by the end, we were going in LOVELY sitting trot, completely soft and round, and my arms weren't screaming in agony by the end! I have decided to do a lesson a week instead of bi-weekly as I really feel me and Jynx need this right now! Our second lesson was just as awesome, as were all my rides in between! For the first time EVER, I had gone on a trail ride in a Western saddle and when I brought her back and worked her in the arena she was FLAWLESS. Still in her Dressage bridle, I got some amazing soft trot and lope out of her - I wouldn't be ashamed to take THIS Jynx into some rookie reining! She listened beautifully, and we even worked on some walk to canter transitions and although obviously rusty, she was very willing and soft for me! I am very excited to see our progress from here!

As you can see form above, our jumping is going JUST as well! I am taking jumping lessons with Steph bi-weekly now, along with Brittany taking weekly lessons and you can really see how well she's doing. She's basically stopped rushing the second fence of a gymnastic and is content to just wait for you to guide her. The above photos was from our latest lesson where we worked on some lovely gymnastic lines and even began some bending lines which of course Jynxy took all in stride!

Yay, Jynxy and her part-boarder Brittany flying high! Their first couple rides were a bit less than smooth as they figured each other out and Jynx decided a little crowhopping and "canter bolting" was appropriate but Brittany handled it all well! By last lesson, Jynx was back to her old reliable self and Brittany was having to push her more often than rein her in! As you can see they compliment each other BEAUTIFULLY and I am looking extremely forward to watching them work together in 2013!

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